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9 and the punctuation characters , ; and : are available directly from the keyboard. Alphabetic letters will be assumed to be variables that are to be italicised, unless told otherwise2 . The numerals receive no special attention, appearing precisely as in normal paragraphing mode. The punctuation symbols are still set in standard roman type when read in maths mode, but a little space is left after them so that expressions like {xi : i = 1, 2, . . , 10} look like they should. Note that this means that normal sentence punctuation should not migrate into an expression.

The line beginning with ! 683 tells us that the error occurred on line 683 of the source file; and the error message is split over two lines with the break occurring at the point where LATEX detected a problem. But suppose we try the following \begin{tabular}{llrrl} Student name & Number & F. Basset & 865432 & H. N. ~Hosepipe’s newfound concentration has... , we omit to provide the \end{tabular} that delimits the end of the environment. Not having been told that the environment is supposed to be concluded, LATEX will try to set the text of the next paragraph as a table item—and will scream blue murder when it finds that it doesn’t conform to the syntax demanded.

And I’ll bet that from start to finish of preparing a document I’m quicker than you are, even if you do type at twice the speed and have the so-called advantage of WYSIWYG. In your case, what you see is all you get! and then continued with composing his masterpiece of the typesetting art. That is a much more readable manner of presenting Horace’s piece of mind than embedding it within a regular paragraph. The quote environment was responsible for the margins being indented on both sides during the quote.

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