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By Kevin N. Wright, Brent R. Whitaker

Amphibian drugs and Captive Husbandry is designed to introduce veterinary practitioners to the analysis and therapy of affliction in captive amphibians. even if designed for the veterinary clinician, this article is a vital a part of any herpetologist's library, masking quite a few features of amphibian captive husbandry and propagation whereas supplying an organization starting place that permits the reader to guage a given husbandry regimen. The analysis of disorder in amphibians by means of the appliance of uncomplicated clinicopathologic thoughts is mentioned. Infectious, metabolic, dietary, neoplastic, and idiopathic issues of amphibians are tested intimately. totally illustrated, this quantity comprises 243 colour photographs, 317 black and white figures, and fifty four tables that increase the usefulness of the textual content and should be of curiosity to zoos and aquariums with amphibian screens in addition to to libraries.

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The skeleton of a typical salamander. Not all salamanders have all the skeletal elements depicted here, and the shape and arrangements of some skeletal elements may vary considerably. (John Gibb, Johns Hopkins University Department of Art as Applied to Medicine) are adapted for ejecting the tongue to capture prey items. 3 Nervous System The anatomy of the brain of a caecilian (Kuhlenbeck, 1973), a salamander (Herrick, 1948), and an anuran (Haslam, 1971) have been studied in great detail and compared (Noble, 1931).

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42). The Cuban treefrog, Osteopilus septentrionalis, is a common item in the pet trade, perhaps in part because of its ready availability in Florida. This frog is an introduced species in southern Florida that has become a problem by outcompeting native frogs. , and cross-banded treefrogs, Smilisca spp. 16 Centrolenidae Centrolenids (glass frogs) are found from southern Mexico to northern South America. There are around 70 species of centrolenids, which superficially resemble hylid frogs. Many centrolenids have transparent abdominal skin, hence the common name, "glass" frogs.

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