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Since the current flowing into a condenser increases in proportion to the its WAVE SHAPE. 39 frequency, the harmonic causes increased condenser, and therefore resonance effect, and is not, therefore, at all to One tage, is be desired. f. is less sine wave of the' square refer to Fig. 18. The curve 'A rep- wave than with an applied root of mean square For example, value. , or, what Fig. 18. , both having the same square root of mean square value. f. maximum rate. With crease, as can be seen, increasing at the the curve, B, the rate of inis is faster than with the curve Therefore, since the two curves have the same square root of mean square value, the flux, B' the A.

F. f. of all the coils of the armature between the brushes; that is, the averThis is shown to be ex- age value of the sine curve. pressed as follows volts : =- where g < = magnetic number of through the armature, jV turns in series between brushes, n cycles per second. This relation follows, since four times in each revflux passing = olution the coils are rilled since volts now and emptied = rate of change of flux -*- io of flnx, and From this 8 . f. f. tends to tricity; that is, TT 2 = 2 IO produce a flow of tends to produce current.

Harmonics may apIt can be shown that even harmonics do not pear. exist. In circuits to which are applied such irregular waves, the conception is proper to assume is correct, and in calculations in the circuit the it fundamental Fig. 17. equivalent sine curve and simultaneously the harmonic. Hence, when the harmonic is of any considerable amount, it must be taken tion of current flowing. into account in the calcula- Thus, in circuits having an appreciable capacity, the question of resonance, as il- must be considered, not only for the fundamental frequency and square root of mean square value, but also for the harmonic frequency and lustrated in Fig.

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