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By L. N. Kogarko, V. A. Konova, M. P. Orlova, A. R. Woolley (auth.)

Alkaline rocks and carbonatites have the main diverse and severe compositions of all igneous rocks. This quantity describes all of the identified occurrences within the former USSR.

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I: . ' ···........ ·' ,... ' '" .. , '·. '. -..... ' :. ',,';..... ' .. ', . , .. ,. ',,... '. I 0 00 " ~ ' Age Probably Palaeozoic, from similarity of the rocks to those of complexes such as Kovdor and Turiy. :...... 0. , •• ,. " · '.... •0 References Kirnarsky and Kozireva, 1978; Sudovikov, 1936. 1 km 30 KOVDOR o • ·.......... '...... ··.... - " 33 Apatite-bearing ijolite Fenitised gneiss Fig, 28, Kandagubskii (after Chuvardinsky and Karaev, 1988, Fig, 2), amphibole-biotite gneisses of the Belomorsk Archaean series are widely developed around the intrusion.

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