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Figure 37, McQuay Vision Air Handling Unit Features that should be considered for schools are double wall construction, isolated efficient fans, access to all components (coils especially) and sloped drain pans. The goal here is to select a quiet, serviceable, IAQready air-handling unit. Selection of air-handling units is usually done in computer programs such as McQuay SelectTools. 46 Application Guide AG 31-004 Air handling units take up a significant portion of the mechanical room. The designer must address many issues.

An in depth study of each of the energy recovery systems is beyond the scope of this manual. However, two systems will be discussed as they have special merit for schools. Enthalpy Wheels Figure 27, Enthalpy Wheel WINTER WHEEL LOWERS EXHAUST AIR Wheels Are Coated DEW POINT ALLOWING MORE HEAT TRANSFER With A Desiccant BEFORE FROSTING Return Air Exhaust Air SUMMER WHEEL TRANSFERS ENOUGH Supply Air LATENT LOAD THAT MECH. COOLING NOT REQ'D Enthalpy wheels are coated with a desiccant that absorbs moisture in one air stream and releases it to another.

Even worse, the cooling load calculated from the air handling unit psychrometrics and the cooling load from the load estimation won’t match. The potential for a fundamental design calculation error is very high. 1-1999 requires that the minimum airflow for a VAV zone be no less than the minimum outdoor air requirement. On a moderate day, this can supply more air than is required to meet the cooling load. As a result, the classroom temperature will drop below the design condition. 1). The reheat can take the form of a reheat coil in the ductwork or some form of parameter radiation (wall fin, radiant panels).

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