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By A. Strang, William M. Banks, R. D. Conroy, M. J. Goulette

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These effects are traded-off by the optimisation routine which, strictly speaking, does not maximise efficiency but minimises entropy creation. 0 •.. 5.

First flight tests in April 1944 were being conducted on the Derwent I, a 1700 lb thrust engine, in a Meteor only 12 months from initation of design. 3 17 Sir Frank Whittle and gas turbine development. Fig. 4 Derwent v. improved, with the Derwent V having almost twice the thrust of the original Derwent I, all within 15 months of the Derwent's first flight test. The Derwent V was based on the larger Nene engine designed to satisfy a Ministry requirement for a 4000 lb turbojet. Rolls-Royce embarked on this challenge and within five months were testing the most powerful aircraft engine in the world at 5000 lbs of thrust from an engine weighing only 18 Proceedings of the 4th International Charles Parsons Turbine Conference Fig.

In the last stage of blading, exit losses should be minimised. For zero exit swirl, stage reaction and stage loading are related through (7) The aerodynamic design of blading is always constrained by the mechanical strength of the blades. For stator blades, an approximate expression for the bending stresses in terms of ip, 'lj; and R is I _ oi = , 2h' 2 , Ps u t 4W'1,2 fi'lj; V cp 2 + ( 1-R )2 (8) , and for rotor blades, bending and centrifugal stresses are obtained as « (J" "2h"2 >» 4 W"I" 2 b - t" I" 'lj; V 2+ cp 2 Rand (J" "_,,,,2 c - Kp h 2 D" m U , (9) respectively.

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