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1 °c though I doubt if any doctor waits that long! It is. 7 D TRUE E FALSE A TRUE B TRUE C FALSE D FALSE E TRUE 8 9 A TRUE B FALSE C TRUE o TR UE E TRUE A FALSE B C FALSE D FALSE FALSE Though if prolonged may cause permanent brain damage. 2°C. If any nappy rash fails to respond to simple measures, then assume Candida infection present. Because not in contact with urine or stool. Raise temperature of the nappy area and so promote microbial growth. Staphyloccal infection. Small red perianal satellite lesions indicate monilia.

E Alcohol invariably enhances sexual performance. 21 Gallstones A Are present in about 10 to 15 per cent of the adult population of GB. B Can be diagnosed by a history of fatty food intolerance. C Occur with increased frequency in women taking oral contraceptives. D Are radiopaque in the majority of cases. E If symptomatic are best treated by cholecystectomy. 22 Characteristic features of osteomalacia include A Tetany. B Frontal and parietal bossing of the skull. C Hyporeflexia. D Muscular weakness.

B Heard better if you raised your voice. C Heard speech better in a quiet environment. D Also complained of tinnitus. E Heard a centrally placed (forehead) tuning fork better in his less deaf ear. 14 A three-year-old child is found on routine auscultation to have a heart murmur. Features that would suggest it was innocent include A B C D E Diastolic in timing. Variation with respiration. Of short duration. Heard over a wide area of the heart. Associated thrill. 15 A GP should suspect alcoholism if a patient presents with A B C D E Tongue tremor.

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