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By A. James Powell (auth.), A. J. Powell (eds.)

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_ Pareodinia prolong ala Pareodinia cera/ophora - - - _.. ei Cla/hroclenocystis asapha Reutlingia gochtii Slephanelylron scarburghense Gonyaulacysla centriconnata Slephanelylron redcliffense Slephanelylron spp. Surculosphaeridium? veslilum R hynchodiniopsis cladophora Prolixosphaeridium spp. Endoscrinium galerilum - Composilosphaeridium polonicum Chytroeisphaeridia cerasles Aldorfia dictyola dictyota Meiourogonyaulax pianoseplala Tuboluberella apalela Sirmiodinium grossii ~ Rigaudella aemula Sentusidinium spp.

Nannoceratopsis and Pareodinia) being present. After a phase of diverse and varied archaeopyle styles during Bajocian times, the Bathonian Stage represents a stable period with a predominance of epicystal, apical and single paraplate precingular archaeopyles. g. Adnatosphaeridium eaulleryi) arose during Bathonian times. Comments. The Cse Interval Biozone is based on the Ctenidodinium eombaziiCtenidodinium sellwoodii Zone of Woollam and Riding (1983). The definition of the biozonal limits is essentially the same but the stratigraphical extent of the Cse Biozone is slightly greater (see Comments for Cco Biozone).

Paeminosa (Figs. 13). Defi;tition. The interval between the FAD of Dichadogonyaulax culmula and LAD of Sub-biozone b Occisucysta balios, and the FAD of Gochteodinia villosa and LADs of DichadogonyAge. Late Kimmeridgian, Scitulus to Hudle- aulax? pannea and Glossodinium dimorphum stoni Ammonite Zones. (Figs. 14). Jurassic dinoflagellate cyst biozonation 45 of the samples used by Davey (1979, 1982) and by Woollam and Riding (1983) from the Portlandian of eastern England may have been incorrectly attributed in terms of the ammonite zonation.

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