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The Foreleg Extensor Tendons Extensor tendons are on the front of the horse’s forelegs and assist in moving (extending) the horse’s leg forward. Not only do they work with the extensor muscles (muscles that extend or move the leg forward), they also help stabilize the front joints in this region (see Figure 7). There are three extensor tendons in the foreleg: the extensor carpi radialis tendon, the common digital extensor tendon, and the lateral digital extensor tendon. Each tendon has a tendon sheath where it moves over the knee joint.

DMSO is very volatile. If you get it on your skin, you will absorb it. Both people and horses exposed to DMSO will smell like garlic. If you use DMSO with other medications and get those on your skin, you can carry those medications into your bloodstream, so it is important to use latex gloves when applying DMSO. Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan (PSGAG; Adequan) Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are a component of joint cartilage. GAGs, along with other glycoproteins, occupy the spaces between the collagen fibers that make up joint cartilage.

This is why you must reduce inflammation in tendon therapy. Inflammation can also cause the tendon to stick abnormally to surrounding tissue, which will impair tendon gliding. This is another reason why it’s important to reduce inflammation. TREATING ACUTE INJURIES, AND DIRECTED THERAPY 41 Early Healing: From One to Six Months New blood vessels and immature tissue replace the clot formed in the early weeks after an injury. Once inflammation has removed the dead tissue, the tendon replaces the lost tendon fibers with new ones, but they aren’t as strong.

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