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By John Macquarrie, James F. Childress

A key reference paintings for a all who're learning Christian ethics.

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The greater availability of services also reduces the care-giving burden of late-middle-aged children. Theological background. Scripture. Though the Hebrew scriptures record a diversity of conditions among the elderly, old age is frequently pictured as a time of insecurity. The elderly fear the vulnerability and resourcelessness that comes with advanced age (Ps. 71:9-10; Ecclus. [Sirach] 3:12-16; 41:2). , Ecclus. 33:20-21). At the same time, they enjoin respect and care for parents (Ex. 20: 12; Deut.

The early Christians were alienated from Roman society and suffered various kinds of discrimination, but this was partly by their own choice, as they sought to Altruism 19 preserve their own distinctness and to keep themselves clear of paganism. In more recent times, the Jews of Europe and the blacks of the USA have been alienated from the mainstream of society, but while this has been the result of unjust discrimination, these groups have also resisted total integration and have tried to maintain a distinct cultural identity.

In part also the reappraisal reflects changing theological emphases, especially in process theology, liberation theol- ogy*, and feminist theology (see Feminist Ethics). These have acknowledged the role of anger as a motivating power for justice* and have seen its intimate relationship to love*. As understandings of God have broadened to include renewed awareness of the divine anger (or wrath), so more attention is now being given to the significance of the undoubted place of anger in the life and actions of Jesus.

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