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By Henry Dunant

The horrors witnessed through Dunant after the conflict of Solferino on June 24 1859 and his humanitarian allure are the origins of the pink pass movment.

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Evacuation parties, and the personnel conducting them, shall be considered as being absolutely neutral. Art. 7 A distinctive and uniform flag shall be adopted for hospitals, ambulances and evacuation parties. It should in all circumstances be accompanied by the national flag. An armlet may also be worn by personnel enjoying neutrality but its issue shall be left to the military authorities. Both flag and armlet shall bear a red cross on a white ground. Art. 8 The implementing of the present Convention shall be arranged by the Commanders-in-Chief of the belligerent armies following the instructions of their respective Governments and in accordance with the general principles set forth in this Convention.

The Convention formalized the recommandations of the 1863 conference and stated the principle-crucial for the whole undertaking-that wounded and sick soldiers must be taken in and cared for without distinction of nationality. As a tribute to Switzerland, the heraldic sign of a red cross on a white ground-in effect, the Swiss flag with the colours reversed-was chosen as the emblem guaranteeing protection and assistance. From the resolutions of the 1863 conference and on the basis of the Geneva Conventions, there gradually developed the humanitarian organization called the "International Red Cross " and the substantiel body of universally recognized rules which make up the Geneva Conventions for the protection of war victims.

Borghetto is a little town of some 2,000 inhabitants, on the right bank of the Mincio, opposite Valeggio. In 1848, the Sardinian troops, under the orders of King Charles-Albert, crossed the Mincio there in spite of the vigorous resistance of the Austrians and their commander, Field-Marshal Radetzky. 16. The Duke of Magenta is very popular in the French army. His soldiers love him as much as they respect him. For example, in 1856, in Algeria, on the road to Constantine, two ex-Zouaves were inside a diligence, of which I occupied the coupé.

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