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A few geometry examine aids are overly advanced and do extra damage than solid. 501 Geometry Questions presents concise questions and transparent solutions to familarize scholars with geometry questions. Standardized tests-takers will locate this publication an critical reduction. Math innovations and houses are made transparent, together with trigonometry fundamentals, angles and contours, ratios, percentage, perimeter, and floor measures.

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Parallel lines are coplanar lines that never intersect; they travel similar paths at a constant distance from one another. Skew lines are noncoplanar lines that never intersect; they travel dissimilar paths on separate planes. Parallel lines a and b Skew lines a and b a b aʈ b a b Figure Symbol Figure No Symbol When lines cross, they do not “collide” into each other, nor do they lie one on top of the other. Lines do not occupy space. Watch how these lines “cross” each other; they could be considered models of peaceful coexistence (next page).

In pairs, name all the alternate interior angles. 61. In pairs, name all the angles that are same-side interior. Set 13 Use the following diagram and the information below to determine if lines o and p are parallel. Place a checkmark (✓) beside statements that prove lines o and p are parallel; place an X beside statements that neither prove nor disprove that lines o and p are parallel. 30 501 Geometry Questions o p 1 3 2 4 5 7 6 8 r 9 10 11 12 s 13 14 15 16 62. If ∠5 and ∠4 are congruent and equal, then ________.

MOR and ∠NOK ∠SPR and ∠TPR ∠NOL and ∠LOP ∠TLK and ∠KLS 98. ∠1, ∠2, and ∠3 respectively measure a. b. c. d. 90°, 40°, 140°. 139°, 41°, 97°. 42°, 97°, 41°. 41°, 42°, 83°. 99. The measure of exterior ∠OPS is a. b. c. d. 139°. 83°. 42°. 41°. Set 20 Choose the best answer. 100. If ∠LKN and ∠NOP are complementary angles, a. b. c. d. e. they are both acute. they must both measure 45°. they are both obtuse. one is acute and the other is obtuse. No determination can be made. 101. If ∠KAT and ∠GIF are supplementary angles, a.

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